Discover how a “Science Person” used a ‘Formula-Style’ learning system to go from Cs to As in English consistently!

Posted by Robin Williams On November 30th, 2016 at 7:25 am

Discover how a “Science Person” used a ‘Formula-Style’ learning system to go from Cs to As in English consistently!

Dear English Student,

My name is Edwin, Founder and Principal Master English Specialist of EduEdge Learning Hub. Since you’re reading this, I believe that you’re looking for help to Ace your English, right?

You see, I was once in your shoes. Throughout my Secondary and JC years, I was struggling with mostly Cs and, at best, Bs in English. No Distinctions whatsoever.


And it’s definitely not because I was lazy.

The truth is, I always asked my teachers for advice, and followed them well.

To this day, I can still remember spending countless hours hunched over my desk, practising and ploughing through tons of English assessment books.

All these efforts were made to act on my teachers’ words, “read more and write more, for the As to come.”

But my As never did come.

Totally defeated after repeated disappointments, I accepted my fate that I just wasn’t born with the “talent” for English. Or so I thought…

In university, I enrolled in the Arts and Social Sciences faculty, from the Maths and Science route that I was always expected to take.

My friends and family were shocked. I used to score As easily in Maths and Science. It would’ve been so “easy” to continue that Maths and Science success streak in university.

But I intentionally chose to pursue English, something I’ve never been good at (at the time), just because I wanted to prove myself!

So although I had no previous success with English, I worked on and submitted my first essay assignment in fear.

Despite my burning hopes for a miracle, my professor returned my script with the feedback scrawled at the top of the page in bright red ink – “Not good enough for university level”.

As you can probably imagine, that threw me into a state of desperation. All of a sudden, there was an urgent need for me to get better in English, or risk being asked to leave university altogether.

I desperately needed an effective answer, and I needed to come up with it…fast.

So on that very night, I sat at my desk and seriously thought through my problem.

I thought back to my earlier student days when I Aced Maths and Science, because the formulas taught made everything so much easier to learn and apply.

That’s when it all came together. If formulas are so useful, what’s stopping me from using the same ‘Formula-Style’ approach to learn and improve my English?

With this exciting possibility buzzing in my mind, I got to work immediately.

Over the next few weeks, I painstakingly analysed several English essays, and even dug out my Secondary English textbooks to search for patterns and similarities that could help me come up with my English formulas.

It was a long and tiring process, to say the least. But my hard work soon paid off. Patterns were spotted.

Similarities were identified. I “cracked the code”!

Armed with my newfound know-how, not only did I score my first A in English that very semester…it even turned out to be the first of many As for my English-related modules throughout university!

In fact, it worked so well for me that I joined the teaching profession upon graduation teaching English, as I have the desire to help struggling students to Ace their English exams using my ‘Formula-Style’ approach.

Over the last 14 years of my teaching career (since 2002) both as a MOE teacher who was the youngest English Head of Department at my school, and later as an experienced English tutor, I’ve continuously fine-tuned this learning system to better support my students.

To date, my team and I have personally coached hundreds of students, who learnt and applied my formulas to achieve at least a 2-grade improvement. In addition, more than half of them scored B3, A2 or A1 for their GCE O/N Level English exams!

That’s because my ‘Formula-Style’ learning system takes away the guesswork in English (i.e. the age-old advice that it must “look, sound or feel right”) and teaches students only the skills and strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

Just like me back then, you can finally find English to be a subject that is ‘learnable’, ‘understandable’ and ‘doable’, similar to Maths and Science!

You now have 2 options in front of you:

1. Continue with your current methods and hope for the best.

2. Follow a tested and proven ‘Formula-Style’ learning system to achieve the same or even better results than my previous students (i.e. improve by at least 2 grades!)

Will you take the second option? I certainly hope so!

If you’re tired of age-old “advice” that simply doesn’t work, I’m here to help!

Fill in the contact form below with your details, and we’ll contact you within 2 working days to explain more.

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