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Calling All Parents Who’s Children Are Sitting for the PSLE or O & N Level English Exams 

The Biggest Problem with Getting Just ANY English Tutor for Your Child Can Delay Your Child’s Improvement… And Be Stuck With the Same or Worse Grade

English tuition

Dear Parents

There are two kinds of English Tutor in Singapore.

First, you have the run-of-the-mill ones who will travel to your place or you can probably find them in tuition centres near your home.

They are usually part-time tutors who teach a variety of subjects and amazingly, claim to be good in all of them or specialise in the subject.

Sure, some of them do have good language abilities and are able to speak and write well in English.

They may even make lessons “fun” and “interesting” so your child looks forward to attending their lessons.

But think about this – the very reason why you’ve sent your child for English tuition is to achieve better English grades.

So have these tutors or lessons help your child improve in English?


At the end of the day, no matter how good these tutors are in English, it is pointless if your child is still not good in English. These tutors will just be wasting your child’s time and effort, and your investment.

What your child really needs is a unique English Tutor who is not only good in English but specialises in knowing how to teach the subject.

Not just any average English Tutor, but an English Language Specialist with a Proven Track Record in helping students achieve Quick Improvements in English.

A Specialist who is able to pinpoint your child’s exact problem areas in Language and give professional recommendations on how to improve. Recommendations that will channel your child’s efforts towards the right direction so that he / she can finally achieve his / her Bs or As.

If that sounds like the kind of professional support you want for your child, then you need to speak to an EduEdge Specialist today.

Since 2013, the EduEdge Team of Language Specialists has successfully helped more than 852 students improve by 2, 3, 4 and even up to 5 grades – and achieve their desired B3, A2 or A1 in English.

We help your child maximise their learning efforts so that they can revise English more effectively and efficiently.

And no, unlike most tutors, we do not believe in just giving your child tons of practice papers or other school exam papers.

Instead, we’ll impart your child with tried-and-tested techniques to Maximise Marks in all 4 paper components of the English exam.

Most important of all, it’s not just about your child acing the exams, we strengthen your child’s Language Foundation so that they achieve Great Mastery of the key language skills.

These are skills which are important in life, and they will be for life.

And, your child will enjoy lots of fun in the process too!

Remember: Your child deserves nothing but the best English tutor.

If you want your child to be a Confident and Competent user of the English Language, plus learn exam strategies that have been proven to achieve 2-3 grade jumps in English, then click on the link below to schedule a Diagnostic Consultation appointment with our team of Language Specialists today.



Thank You

EduEdge Learning Hub

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