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How Your Child Can Improve Their English In 90 Days or less


Parents, Attend a Free Diagnostic Consultation Session …And I Will Personally Guide Your Child to Making At Least A One-Band Improvement To Their English Grades, In 90 Days or Less.



In this FREE Diagnostic Consultation, I will share with you and your child how HUNDREDS of students, since the launch of my programme in 2010, have been able to learn English Language in a fun, scientific and structured way, while making consistent improvements to their English grades. I dig deep into each individual child’s unique learning needs, analysing their current roadblocks stopping them from breaking through to the next level.

This Is What Students Who Have Been Struggling with English Have Been Waiting For!

For your child to make consistent improvements to their English score is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning. In this FREE Diagnostic Consultation, you’ll get access to specific examples of the different ways your child can improve their English Language.This isn’t a bunch of theory … it’s backed by education research, testified by the HUNDREDS of students who have gone through the programme, and it’s all about getting a good pass (B3/B4) or that coveted distinction (A1/A2).

Here’s just what some of my students and parents have to say:


I am going to work with your child to create a ROADMAP that they can use and implement specific strategies right away for IMMEDIATE RESULTS … Or perhaps, they are already achieving a good pass in English … cool. But everyone could add a few more percentage marks to their English grade since it is a L1 subject, and it does not even involve any of the old-school advice of reading more books or writing more essays.

Your child would blow the socks off their friends and they would be wondering why your child is suddenly making headways for English Language.

In this consultation, I’ll share with you what the Cambridge markers are looking out for in exam scripts, and the writing style your child should be adopting so that the examiners would want to place them in a higher band.

Give Your Child The Edge in English

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside this FREE Diagnostic session …



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