Enrolling your child in a tuition class is never an easy decision. Besides it being a form of monthly financial commitment, understandably, as parents, you would want to ensure that you are getting nothing but the very best for your child’s education. With the wide array of tutors touting their services, it could be mind-boggling to make the right decision. For a start, you could download our free report: ‘The 7 Key Questions You MUST Ask Your EL Tutor’  to make an informed decision. You may also refer to the list of common questions, which parents usually ask, compiled below.

#1 Should I consider 1-on-1 tuition or group tuition?

There is in reality, only two options available in Singapore today with regards to tuition for your child. The first option is to engage a home tutor; it can be a part-time or full time current student, a school teacher or a former teacher. Under this arrangement, the student will be given one-to-one attention but more often than not, the student will dictate the nature of the lessons in terms of the questions or homework which is, from school and thus, needs to be addressed. The downside of such an arrangement is that tutor and student may not be adopting the correct approach and understanding of what tuition should actually be. Therefore, this approach to tutoring may be ineffective as it does not address all the different components of the paper and thus, has far wider implications than one might think. You are playing with chance, and there is only one chance.

The second option is to enrol in a reputable tuition centre which specialises in the subject discipline. The centre will plan and design appropriate lessons that cover ALL the components of the paper. These copyrighted lessons for class work, tests or assessments are teaching and learning materials that reliable tuition centres produce to effectively tutor their students. Parents can therefore rest assured that the tutor can help your child improve. A tuition centre with a good track record has the experience and expertise to help your child succeed. The tutor fees are affordable as well because the cost is shared by the rest of the class. The drawback, of course, is that the class of a popular tutor will not be small.

Honestly, there is no third option. It is highly unlikely that popular tutors will offer individual home tuition or is willing to do so at an inexpensive rate. In the tuition industry, the fees and class size correlates to the popularity or effectiveness of the tutor. Just as we would not expect a short queue for a popular hawker stall in Singapore, it is a natural progression for well-known tutors to transit from conducting 1-on-1 tuition to group tuition. We know all these, but we need to learn to accept this.

#2How much is the tuition fees?

Most parents and students will not join a centre just because the fee is considered cheap; neither do we believe in lowering our prices just to attract sign-ups. Thus, we have priced our fees at a very reasonable rate – affordable for parents and reflective of our experience and expertise as Secondary English Specialists. The tuition fees will depend on the date of registration. The fees will be adjusted every semester for new intakes but these adjustments will not affect students who are already registered with us. We are committed to helping every child meet and even exceed their learning potential, regardless of their point of entry. We have achieved a distinction rate of 38.8% for our students in the GCE ‘O’ level, which is almost double that of the National average. We are confident in maintaining this standard with your child, but we need to be given sufficient time. The earlier your child enrols with us, the easier it will be for us to help him/her. Hence, we  encourage you to sign up your child earlier.


Our classes adopt a co-teaching system, which means that your child is not just getting one but TWO highly effective teachers! – This translates to greater attention for your child, even in a group tuition setting!

#3 – Are results guaranteed?

At EduEdge, we do not make empty promises of “instant improvement in results” or “guaranteed A” as nothing is guaranteed, especially if it is not reciprocated or consistent. Significant improvements in English is always the result of relentless hard work and consistency from both parties – 50 % from the tutor (constantly imparting the essential skills, strategies and knowledge) while the other 50 % has to come from the student (continuously making the effort to ask questions, completing given assignments and acting on the given feedback).

Take the example of individuals who sign up with a fitness trainer to lose weight. People will not lose weight just by merely clocking attendance in the gym. Neither will they lose weight by following the given instructions of the trainer while in the gym, but throw caution to the wind by eating excessively when they are out of the gym. Likewise, for consistent improvements in English, the student has to put in the hard work not just in class but outside the class as well. Our students can expect to see improvement in results 95 % of the time and that improvement correlates to individual effort and how consistent the student is in learning English.

textswirl1-copy: What we can assure you is that EduEdge will equip you with the relevant lesson resources (our learning materials and practice papers), our Scientific Teaching Methodology (how to learn English in a systematic and structured approach), ample practice opportunities in oral and listening (more so than your peers in school) and the confidence (by equipping you with the necessary skills and critical thinking for tackling the demands of the national examinations).

Our commitment to you is that we will do our very best to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your examinations. If you work with us by doing your part (be proactive in asking questions, do your homework and act upon given feedback) – we are confident that you will succeed. The sessions with us are definitely not a walk in the park but the rewards are well-worth your effort when you finally receive your results for the National examinations.

#4 Is there a trial lesson?

We adopt a paid trial system. The trial lesson works either way – both the tutor and the student can choose to terminate immediately after the first lesson if either party feels that the subsequent lessons will not be beneficial to their English examination preparation. Upon termination, the student will only be required to pay for the first session. All our existing students are issued with a complimentary card in their Welcome File which they can give to their friend to attend a complimentary lesson. If you happen to know a friend who is with EduEdge, you can ask whether  they can give you their card. You may also be pleased to know that we are currently offering free trial till the end of this year, subjected to available vacancies and limited to two seats per class.

#5 – How are lessons structured?

A Diagnostic Assessment will be administered prior to the first session to evaluate the student’s current strengths and areas for improvement in language, as well as to determine their suitability for our programmes.

EduEdge English lessons are structured in terms of a Learning Cycle. It comprises of four sessions and students are taught specifically how to EXCEL and gain an EDGE in all the various paper components of the new English Syllabus.

Sample Week-on-Week Learning Cycle



Week 1 Vocabulary Language Editing
Situational Writing
Week 2 Grammar Oral Communication
Reading Comprehension
Week 3 Vocabulary Listening Comprehension
Free Writing
Week 4 Grammar Oral Communication
Reading Comprehension

Unlike some tutors or centres which choose to focus on only one or two key skills (a highly risky approach if you were to ask us), we ensure that students are more than adequately equipped in ALL the SIX Areas of Language Learning:

Receptive Skills

  • Reading & Viewing
  • Listening & Viewing

Productive Skills

  • Writing & Representing
  • Speaking & Representing

Knowledge of Language

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary




*currently applicable
for graduating students only


There are some aspects of our Scientific Teaching Methodology which we are not at liberty to disclose. We do, however, have more than 10 years+ of teaching and tutoring experience. You do not have to worry about the specifics behind the scene – leave the worrying to us – your child just has to enjoy the learning experience with us and to reciprocate by working just as hard.

There are other ways to find out more about EduEDGE:

  • Firstly, read Happy Students! and Success Stories to learn more about the quality of our tutors, as well as how our lessons are being conducted.
  • Secondly, sign up your child for a trial lesson.Your child will intuitively know whether the lesson and the tutor is effective after attending the first session; two hours is sufficient in gauging the quality of the teaching materials and the tutor.
  • Lastly, you can also register your child for a Free Diagnostic & Consultation session with us