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Calling All Parents Who’s Children Are Sitting for the PSLE or O & N Level English Exams 

The Biggest Problem with Getting Just ANY English Tutor for Your Child Can Delay Your Child’s Improvement… And Be Stuck With the Same or Worse Grade

English tuition

Dear Parents

There are two kinds of English Tutor in Singapore.

First, you have the run-of-the-mill ones who will travel to your place or you can probably find them in tuition centres near your home.

They are usually part-time tutors who teach a variety of subjects and amazingly, claim to be good in all of them or specialise in the subject.

Sure, some of them do have good language abilities and are able to speak and write well in English.

They may even make lessons “fun” and “interesting” so your child looks forward to attending their lessons.

But think about this – the very reason why you’ve sent your child for English tuition is to achieve better English grades.

So have these tutors or lessons help your child improve in English?


At the end of the day, no matter how good these tutors are in English, it is pointless if your child is still not good in English. These tutors will just be wasting your child’s time and effort, and your investment.

What your child really needs is a unique English Tutor who is not only good in English but specialises in knowing how to teach the subject.

Not just any average English Tutor, but an English Language Specialist with a Proven Track Record in helping students achieve Quick Improvements in English.

A Specialist who is able to pinpoint your child’s exact problem areas in Language and give professional recommendations on how to improve. Recommendations that will channel your child’s efforts towards the right direction so that he / she can finally achieve his / her Bs or As.

If that sounds like the kind of professional support you want for your child, then you need to speak to an EduEdge Specialist today.

Since 2013, the EduEdge Team of Language Specialists has successfully helped more than 852 students improve by 2, 3, 4 and even up to 5 grades – and achieve their desired B3, A2 or A1 in English.

We help your child maximise their learning efforts so that they can revise English more effectively and efficiently.

And no, unlike most tutors, we do not believe in just giving your child tons of practice papers or other school exam papers.

Instead, we’ll impart your child with tried-and-tested techniques to Maximise Marks in all 4 paper components of the English exam.

Most important of all, it’s not just about your child acing the exams, we strengthen your child’s Language Foundation so that they achieve Great Mastery of the key language skills.

These are skills which are important in life, and they will be for life.

And, your child will enjoy lots of fun in the process too!

Remember: Your child deserves nothing but the best English tutor.

If you want your child to be a Confident and Competent user of the English Language, plus learn exam strategies that have been proven to achieve 2-3 grade jumps in English, then click on the link below to schedule a Diagnostic Consultation appointment with our team of Language Specialists today.



Thank You

EduEdge Learning Hub

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Discover how a “Science Person” used a ‘Formula-Style’ learning system to go from Cs to As in English consistently!

Dear English Student,

My name is Edwin, Founder and Principal Master English Specialist of EduEdge Learning Hub. Since you’re reading this, I believe that you’re looking for help to Ace your English, right?

You see, I was once in your shoes. Throughout my Secondary and JC years, I was struggling with mostly Cs and, at best, Bs in English. No Distinctions whatsoever.


And it’s definitely not because I was lazy.

The truth is, I always asked my teachers for advice, and followed them well.

To this day, I can still remember spending countless hours hunched over my desk, practising and ploughing through tons of English assessment books.

All these efforts were made to act on my teachers’ words, “read more and write more, for the As to come.”

But my As never did come.

Totally defeated after repeated disappointments, I accepted my fate that I just wasn’t born with the “talent” for English. Or so I thought…

In university, I enrolled in the Arts and Social Sciences faculty, from the Maths and Science route that I was always expected to take.

My friends and family were shocked. I used to score As easily in Maths and Science. It would’ve been so “easy” to continue that Maths and Science success streak in university.

But I intentionally chose to pursue English, something I’ve never been good at (at the time), just because I wanted to prove myself!

So although I had no previous success with English, I worked on and submitted my first essay assignment in fear.

Despite my burning hopes for a miracle, my professor returned my script with the feedback scrawled at the top of the page in bright red ink – “Not good enough for university level”.

As you can probably imagine, that threw me into a state of desperation. All of a sudden, there was an urgent need for me to get better in English, or risk being asked to leave university altogether.

I desperately needed an effective answer, and I needed to come up with it…fast.

So on that very night, I sat at my desk and seriously thought through my problem.

I thought back to my earlier student days when I Aced Maths and Science, because the formulas taught made everything so much easier to learn and apply.

That’s when it all came together. If formulas are so useful, what’s stopping me from using the same ‘Formula-Style’ approach to learn and improve my English?

With this exciting possibility buzzing in my mind, I got to work immediately.

Over the next few weeks, I painstakingly analysed several English essays, and even dug out my Secondary English textbooks to search for patterns and similarities that could help me come up with my English formulas.

It was a long and tiring process, to say the least. But my hard work soon paid off. Patterns were spotted.

Similarities were identified. I “cracked the code”!

Armed with my newfound know-how, not only did I score my first A in English that very semester…it even turned out to be the first of many As for my English-related modules throughout university!

In fact, it worked so well for me that I joined the teaching profession upon graduation teaching English, as I have the desire to help struggling students to Ace their English exams using my ‘Formula-Style’ approach.

Over the last 14 years of my teaching career (since 2002) both as a MOE teacher who was the youngest English Head of Department at my school, and later as an experienced English tutor, I’ve continuously fine-tuned this learning system to better support my students.

To date, my team and I have personally coached hundreds of students, who learnt and applied my formulas to achieve at least a 2-grade improvement. In addition, more than half of them scored B3, A2 or A1 for their GCE O/N Level English exams!

That’s because my ‘Formula-Style’ learning system takes away the guesswork in English (i.e. the age-old advice that it must “look, sound or feel right”) and teaches students only the skills and strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

Just like me back then, you can finally find English to be a subject that is ‘learnable’, ‘understandable’ and ‘doable’, similar to Maths and Science!

You now have 2 options in front of you:

1. Continue with your current methods and hope for the best.

2. Follow a tested and proven ‘Formula-Style’ learning system to achieve the same or even better results than my previous students (i.e. improve by at least 2 grades!)

Will you take the second option? I certainly hope so!

If you’re tired of age-old “advice” that simply doesn’t work, I’m here to help!

Fill in the contact form below with your details, and we’ll contact you within 2 working days to explain more.

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english tutor 2

Edwin Edangelus Cheng

Founder / Principal

EduEdge Learning Hub

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Find Out What’s Possibly The Real Reason Why Your Child Didn’t Do Well In Their Sec 3 SA2 English exam!

Dear Parent,

Since you’re reading this, I believe that your child didn’t do well for their Sec 3 SA2 English exam, right?

If so, you have every reason to worry, especially if your child is taking the GCE O/N Level exams in 2017.

That’s because, as you probably already know, English is an extremely important subject for the GCE O/N Levels.

It’s compulsory to add in its grade no matter which post-secondary path your child chooses to take – that is, English is a compulsory L1 to be calculated into the L1R5 score to enter Junior College, and the L1R4 score to enter Polytechnic.

And at this point in time, the clock is ticking…fastThere’s only less than 1 year to your child’s GCE O/N Level English exam!

However, as shown by your child’s most recent English exam results, they’re still unprepared to tackle the major exam next year.

Yes…terribly unprepared… even after the countless lessons in school and perhaps tuition!

But before you panic and hurry off to find just another English tutor for your child, I would like to offer you a deeper understanding into what could possibly be the real reason why your child didn’t do well.

Clue: It has something to do with what actually goes on during English lessons.

You see, this is a typical classroom scenario – your child enters the classroom, and takes out their homework or other assignments to work on. They would only approach the teacher if there’s any problem encountered.

Slightly “better” teachers will provide worksheets for your child to complete before going through the answers.

However, these answers can only work for that particular worksheet alone, so your child would have in actual fact learnt little to no skillset to apply in the exam.

All the above point to one glaring sign – reactive teaching.

This means that your child’s English shortcomings might be corrected only when mistakes are made. In other words, most of the time, these teachers don’t know what your child doesn’t know.

If this hasn’t raised a huge red flag for you yet, it should!

Because how can your child be expected to do well in English, when there’re actually so many blind spots in their skillsets that have never been brought up by their teacher or tutor and addressed?

That’s why we teach English differently at EduEdge Learning Hub, where we consciously practice proactive rather than reactive teaching.

We do so by strictly following a meticulously designed in-house year-on-year curriculum that covers nearly every single skillset required to tackle all components of the latest GCE O/N Level syllabus.

Every lesson is purposefully geared towards a specific learning outcome, and is structured such that your child will go through 3 levels of reinforcement to achieve that outcome!

For starters, we assign 2 Language Specialists to each class, so that every student will get double the amount of expert attention!

The first hour is dedicated to demonstrating a particular skillset. This is followed by group work, which is very important for students to apply what they’ve just learnt, as well as for the Language Specialists to check for understanding and address learning gaps when necessary.





Finally, homework is assigned to reinforce the same skillset, and will be carefully assessed by Language Specialists to ensure that students fully comprehend and master it before moving on to a new skillset!

This ensures that no stone is left unturned in your child’s educational journey to consistently acquire the essential skillsets to Ace the GCE O/N Level English exam!

Remember – your child’s critical year (2017) is arriving very soon (in 2 months, to be exact).

Are you still satisfied with providing just reactive teaching for your child, and run a huge risk of having several blind spots in their learning go unaddressed?

Or would you rather give your child the best preparation that they can possibly have, so that they will be able to conquer this major exam with the greatest confidence and results?

To prove that we walk the talk – here’s some of the stellar results that our students have achieved in the recent GCE national exams, after choosing to undergo the best preparation with EduEdge:

we1 wp2 wp3 wp4 wp5 wp7

So if you’re ever ready for your child to stop wasting their time in this make-or-break critical high-stakes year and achieve the same or even better results than our students, do hear us out!

Fill in the contact form below with your details, and we’ll contact you within 2 working days to explain more.

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english tutor 2

Edwin Edangelus Cheng

Founder / Principal

EduEdge Learning Hub

Speak to you soon!

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