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The EduEdge Story - How We Got Started

EduEdge was founded back in 2013 by our Founders, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng and Ms Rowena May Yue. Mr Edmund Ong joined the Management Board as a partner a year later.

What started off as a nondescript one-man tutoring class of just six students from a room in a HDB flat, quickly flourished by word of mouth into a two-storey education centre in Serangoon and a Team of more than 20 staff, supporting over 1,000 students every year.

The early inspiration of EduEdge was started from Edwin’s personal journey to exceptional English grades and motivated by the desire to help students learn English more effectively.

Edwin’s search for a better way to learn English began back when he was a student.

Back in his schooling days, he was the typical Singaporean student who was excelling in his Mathematics and Sciences but never in the English Language.

The common responses given by his English teachers when he asked them for help were either:

“You need to feel the language”


You need to read more and write more”

Sadly, even though Edwin WAS practising and ploughing through tons of English assessment books and attending tuition classes, they did not help him at all.

The breakthrough in mastering English came only after his National Service stint when Edwin enrolled in the Arts and Social Sciences, rather than the expected route of Mathematics and Science, in University.

His background in both the Sciences and Languages provided him with the academic advantage to conceptualise a more structured approach to mastering the English Language.

Edwin realised that the reason why he and many other students were not improving in English was not because they lacked talent but because they did not have the right technique.

Every student has what it takes to excel in English. All they need is the Right Teacher and the Right Teaching Methodology.

With this thought utmost in his mind and heart, Edwin has fine-tuned this teaching methodology, and codified the approach into a ‘Formula-Style’ learning system so that any student can finally find English to be a subject which is learnable, understandable and doable just like Math or Science!

To date, more than 2000 students from over 120 mainstream, independent and private schools have already benefitted from EduEdge’s revolutionary method of learning English – with over 70% achieving B3, A2 or A1 in the national exams and close to 80% improving by 2 grades or more.

80% of EduEdge’s students and parents travel from different parts of Singapore - Tampines, Jurong, Woodlands and even Johor Bahru - to our single location in Serangoon! We even have a student from Penang, Malaysia who is on our programme!

Our Mission

We help people move forward and improve their lives by making English learnable, understandable and doable.

EduEdge is a place where meaningful & engaged learning, and the improved performance of our students, is our highest mission.

We believe that all students can learn and improve in English regardless of their starting point when they have the right learning attitude and are supported with the right teaching method from the right teachers.

We pledge to help students who are serious about mastering English not just improve their grades but acquire and develop language skills which they will need in life and for life.

The EduEdge Experience demystifies the learning of English by making English Learnable, Understandable & Doable by adopting a Step-by-step, Structured and Systematic approach.
Traditionally, the English Language is often taught using a drill-and-practice approach.The assumption is that when students are given more practices, they will naturally improve.But is this true?

If students are working on these practices mindlessly or blindly, how would they know how to improve themselves?You would agree that it is dangerous for any student to approach the subject with their minds and eyes closed. That is like driving a car on the road while being blindfolded!At EduEdge, we believe that while practices do play a key role in students’ mastery of the English Language, it is more important that students are practising mindfully (not mindlessly).

Students need to know:

  • What mistakes have I committed?
  • Why have I committed these mistakes?
  • How can I avoid these mistakes again?
  • How can I further improve?
That’s the reason why we’ve developed the Total English Mastery System (TEMS) - a structured and technique-driven approach for studying the English Language.

What is unknown to most people is that English can in fact be studied in a step-by-step way by using “formulas”, just like how we would learn Math and Science.

Using TEMS, we’ve come up with a collection of “formulas” that are easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply for your child.

Think of these “formulas” as STEPS that your child must take in their thinking when they approach a question during the exam - whether it is writing an essay or tackling a reading comprehension.

This leads them to the right answers for the questions!The best part is that TEMS helps your child acquire and develop the skills to tackle any paper component. And we are Singapore’s First and Only Language Specialists with this revolutionary method.

With TEMS, any student will be able to learn English and General Paper (GP) faster and more effectively, and score higher in their exams. TEMS has helped more than 2,000 students from over 120 schools improve and achieve their high Bs and As for English and GP, even when they used to score Cs and Ds.

Just take a look at these amazing transformations our students have experienced when they started using the TEMS method to learn English & GP to tackle their PSLE, GCE N, O & A-Level national exams.

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