Your Search To Help Your Child Improve By 1 To 3 Grades
For English & General Paper Finally Ends Here.

This 1-Hour Diagnostic Consult Assessment Will Be The 
Start Of Your Child’s English / GP Transformation.

  • 1-1 Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Child’s Latest English / GP School Tests or Exam Papers
  • Finally, Understand The Exact Reasons For Your Child’s Poor Performance For The English / GP Exams
  • Discover How Our ‘Formula-Style’ Learning Approach Can Help Your Child Score Bs or As!


Dear Concerned Parents,

If you have a child who is sitting for their PSLE / N / O-Level English or A-Level General Paper (GP) but is still struggling to achieve outstanding grades… even with tuition support, this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

We’ll show you why in the next few minutes.

Everybody Knows

Your child is supposed to read regularly to score As for English / GP right?


From the 2,000 students we’ve supported over the past 7 years, almost all of them do not have the time to pick up a book to read because of their busy school schedule…

yet they have achieved their best English / GP grade ever!

Learn what they’re doing differently - and how your child can use the same method to achieve spectacular English / GP results for themselves too.

What Do These Students Know That My Child Doesn’t?

We know you’re probably thinking - “How can these students score well without reading regularly?

SECRET lies in the unique method that they are using to study English / GP which is a totally new approach that is not taught in schools.

Now, if your child is already consistently scoring As for every single English test or GP exam, then they probably don’t have to know this.

But if your child is still struggling to pass the subject or figuring out how to achieve their breakthrough to a Distinction, then they’ll want to know these secrets and hear what we have to share.

Here’s How We Can Help Chart Your child’s Pathway To English / GP Success In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Schedule a 1-Hour Diagnostic Consult Assessment for you and your child with our
Language Specialist by filling out the form below.

Step 2

Receive an in-depth, detailed analysis of your child’s latest English / GP school test or exam papers.


Have your child sit for our Diagnostic Test which is specially designed to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy.

[This step is important to know why your child is losing marks and what are the problems / challenges they are facing. This helps prevent your child from repeating the same mistakes.]

Step 3

Design a comprehensive game plan for your child to help them improve by 1-3 grades in 12 months or less.

[This step is crucial so your child knows exactly how to overcome the problems / challenges they are facing. Precise, actionable steps will be given to guide your child closely, and NOT just some feel-good but unhelpful advice like “read more” or “write more”.)

PLUS discover how your child can apply our unique method and secret strategies to study English / GP in an easier and more effective way -- these are the same techniques that have helped 2000+ Primary, Secondary & Junior College students achieve their Bs and As.

Discover A Better, Faster & Easier Way For Your Child To Learn and Master English / GP

With our unique method (exclusive only to EduEdge), we've helped over 2000+ students achieve a significant improvement to their English / GP grades in a short period of time.

Many of these students were previously on the verge of giving up hope because they had tried all other so-called “methods” or received help from other branded tuition centres…

... but they still failed miserably despite their best efforts.

Luckily for them, they managed to quickly regain their confidence when they started experiencing success by applying our tested-and-proven method on our programme.

More importantly, they’ve achieved their dream English / GP grade that they’ve always desired!

And now, it’s your child’s turn to experience the EduEdge difference too.

Our Mobile Phones Are Overflowing With Success Stories and Praise

Every year, we receive appreciation messages and videos from students and parents who are thrilled and excited that EduEdge’s unique method of studying English / GP is working for them.

We are absolutely delighted for them and we are really proud of our students who have given their best effort to improve!

Fact is, we have hundreds of amazing success stories just like these. But you’ve got to see it for yourself...

80% of our Primary School Students
achieved A / A* For Their PSLE English!

"I was able to improve from a C6 to an A2 - a massive 4-band improvement!"

"At the various tuition centres that I previously attended, their lessons were simply 2-3 hours of essay writing and comprehension followed by the answers being flashed on the screen. I found it to be a waste of time and money and promptly quit. Compared to the multiple tuition centres, EduEdge is a league above the rest, or even a league of their own!

Due to the hardwork and dedication of myself and the EduEdge Teachers, I was able to improve from C6 to a A2"

Joshua Pooranakaran
O-Level (From C6 To A2)
Anderson Secondary School

"I have been fortunate enough to pull my grade up from a C6 to A1, which would not have been possible without the help I've received from Mr Cheng, Miss Yue and Mr Lee!"

"I didn't have any tuition for English till the month of June in my O Level year, (but) I struck gold with EduEdge.

The different 'Formula-Style' techniques imparted by EduEdge to tackle the difficult components of the English Language really proved to be helpful!

I have been fortunate enough to pull my grade up from a C6 to A1, which would not have been possible without the help I received from Mr Cheng, Miss Yue and Mr Lee."
Chloe Ng
O-Level (From C6 to A1)
Crescent Girls’ School

Reena Improved In Both English & General Paper with EduEdge!

O-Level English
3-Grade Improvement from B4 to A1
A-Level General Paper
3-Grade Improvement from D to A1

Megan Improved In Both English & General Paper with EduEdge too!

O-Level English
3-Grade Improvement from B4 to A1
A-Level General Paper
3-Grade Improvement from D to A1

About Us

EduEdge Learning Hub Is Singapore's First and Only Language Specialists with the Unique Formula-Style Method which has helped thousands of students learn English and General Paper in a Step-by-Step and Structured Way, just like Maths and Science!

Over the past 7 years, we have helped over 2,000+ Primary, Secondary and JC students from 120+ different schools to improve by 2 or more grades, and achieve their As and Bs, even when they were previously struggling with the subject.

Our track record remains unmatched. This achievement has not been replicated by any other tuition centre or programme in Singapore.

Let your child become our next success story today!