Especially For Concerned Parents Who Foresee Or Have Seen Their
P4 / P5 / P6 Child's English Grades Going Downhill...

Discover This Simple Yet Highly-Effective
Formula-Style Learning Approach
To Help Your Child Improve 1 to 3 Grades Just
In Time For The PSLE English Exams !
Dear Primary 4 / 5 / 6 Parent,

It’s amazing that just a few years ago, your child was still struggling with the alphabet. But now in Upper Primary, her vocabulary has to incorporate words like “affable”, “eccentric” and “incessant”… she needs to substantiate her answers with appropriate reasons… and she must understand situations that they will not experience for years to come, such as “driving recklessly”, “working arduously” and “being married blissfully”.

If your child has just progressed to Primary 5, you’ve probably heard about the steep increase in difficulty in the English subject. If you are an existing Primary 5 / 6 parent, your child would already have experienced that and more likely, her grades might have dropped.
In fact, based on a survey conducted with 100 parents, 90% agreed that they have witnessed a worrying drop in their children's grades when they transitioned from Primary 4 to 5, and an even further decline when they move from Primary 5 to 6.
You may think that this drop in grades is expected and is no big deal. However, to children who have been coping or consistently been doing well, this abrupt drop may shatter their confidence and break their momentum

Why Does This Happen?

The reason is really simple. But it may come as a surprise to some parents.

Believe it or not...

There are actually no textbooks available for your child to study the English Language in school! 

To make matters worse, they are not taught a structured way to learn English! Students are told to rely on their gut feel and the 'sounds-right' approach.

In addition, after a lesson is taught, teachers have to constantly wonder what they are going to teach in the next lesson.

In other words, teaching in school is often Reactive in nature!

And thinking that tuition centres are the solution, parents send their children there, hoping that they will learn something. Little do they know that the students are just drilled using more assessment books, and the tutors just go through the answers!

It is really shocking that there are some parents who think this is progress. They fail to discern between what is ‘mindless’ practice over ‘mindful’ practice.

This is the reason why 90% of students still get lower grades even though they are getting help outside of their school.

However, all is not lost.

Fortunately, well-informed parents have discovered a secret, highly-effective formula for their children to not only maintain, but also improve their Upper Primary (P4 / P5 / P6) English grades to fully prepare for the PSLE...

This formula focuses on 3 Needs!

Who I Am and What I Do

But before I let you in on what these 3 Needs are, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Ms Rowena Yue. I’m the Co-Founder and Master Tutor at EduEdge Learning Hub, specialising in English Language and Literature. 

While most tutors have degrees not linked directly to education, I am Double-Certified in Teaching - meaning that I'm endorsed by both the MOE (Singapore) and the General Teaching Council for England (UK).

I have taught for more than 10 years. In this time, I have educated more than 1,400 local and international students, and my graduating students have consistently attained higher-than-National-Average Distinction rates

I am also humbled by being recognised with year-on-year promotions from MOE for 3 consecutive years.

As a Language Specialist, I am passionate in instilling confidence in students as learners and the belief that academic success is attainable through persistence and sustained effort. My students appreciate my constant affirmation, constructive feedback and encouragement. I also teach them time management and planning skills, or effective study strategies.
Effective study strategies help your child. But they are useless if there isn’t a correct learning methodology, or learning approach.

The First Need - Learning All 11 Components

For your children to maintain or improve their Primary 4, 5 and 6 English grades, there must be a systematic and structured approach to teaching the Primary syllabus comprehensively for your child to learn all the 11 components of the English Language subject:

1. Oral
2. Listening Comprehension
3. Continuous Writing
4. Situational Writing
5. Grammar
6. Vocabulary
7. Visual Text Comprehension
8. Grammar Cloze
9. Comprehension Cloze
10. Synthesis and Transformation
11. Comprehension Open-Ended

It’s like learning to swim. You can’t just throw your child in the deep end right from the start and expect her to get it. 

Your child must first be taught to control her breathing, float and pull her strokes and kicks correctly, before she can start practising to swim properly.

And only when she has gotten used to propelling herself across the breath of the shallow pool, and learn more advanced techniques like treading water and basic survival skills can she then be thrown into the deep end.

In many other tuition centres, the students are just made made to learn practise on just 1 component – either Writing or Comprehension. This is not ideal because Writing (Paper 1) and Comprehension (Paper 2) just make up 27.5% and 47.5% of the entire exam paper respectively. 
Focusing only on Paper 1 or Paper 2 is akin to drilling on the strokes and kicks without mastering the breathing techniques and treading water. When thrown into the deep pool, your child will panic by beating and kicking frantically in the water without knowing how to paddle herself to safety.

The question is not "Which is the most important paper component?"

The fact of the matter is: all paper components are important!
If you want your child to improve and stand a better chance at scoring AL1 / AL2 (A / A*) in PSLE English, she must be adequately prepared in all the components!

The Second Need - Employing A Proven Approach

Over the past 8 years, thousands of secondary school students at EduEdge saw improvements in their English, some by as many as 5 grades within just a few months. They attribute this to our proven, wildly-successful and highly-effective Formula-Style Learning Approach.
Because of the repeated requests from parents, we've introduced this proven learning methodology into our primary school curriculum!
Throughout the year, we have been painstakingly handcrafting a structured, step-by-step learning approach with a curriculum which covers all the 11 Paper Components and Skills Sets. We then grouped these into Thematic Modules.

Recognising that Reactive Teaching in many schools is hardly effective since students may miss out on important learning objectives or skills-set, EduEdge has structured our teaching approach to be Proactive in nature. 

Proactive Teaching means we carefully plan Cycle-by-Cycle and Year-on-Year with the Big Picture and End Goal in mind for your child. We ask ourselves what must our students know, learn and master before they sit for their national exams. You and your child will never have to wonder what she is going to learn in the subsequent lesson.

With this, we are ready for your child to experience and benefit from this comprehensive winning formula style teaching method.

Now, your child can not only learn to swim, she can aspire to be a proficient, competent and champion swimmer like Joseph Schooling!

The Third Need - Developing All-Round Language Skills

Our students at EduEdge are not only taught the knowledge, skill-sets and techniques to score in their exams or PSLE. Yes, this is important but more critically, they are educated to achieve an all-rounded language development.

What this means is that your child will build a solidly strong foundation when she is in Primary 5 or 6.
So when your child graduates to secondary school, she will have little to no problems coping with the impending steep increase in difficulty when she is introduced to secondary school English.
The secret to how we can achieve this with our students is our proprietary Whole-Brain learning system that allows any student, including your child, to learn English just like Math and Science!

This is why EduEdge is able to help so many of our students master their English and score in their exams, some of whom in 4 months or less!

It is because we have a proven Formula-Style method that is easy to use, yet is highly-effective in helping our students score As and A+ consistently!

All the techniques used at EduEdge are fully developed by us for seamless application in Singapore schools, and are aligned to the MOE - Cambridge English Syllabus.

No other centres have come close to developing a similar system.

Here are what our students have to say about their experience at EduEdge Learning Hub.

Lee Wen Hui

"I feel that it is EduEdge's teaching methods which make their lessons a cut above the rest. The tutors adopt a student-centered learning culture where clear instructions are given for every task. They also make their lessons engaging where every student will have the chance to speak up. This not only makes our learning more productive, it also trains us to be more confident."

Rebecca Leo

"Until now, I could still vividly remember one lesson when EduEdge made use of the lyrics of the song, “Everything At Once’’, as a teaching material to keep in date with the new syllabus."

Lee Wen Hui

I feel that it is EduEdge's teaching methods which make their lessons a cut above the rest. The tutors adopt a student-centered learning culture where clear instructions are given for every task. They also make their lessons engaging where every student will have the chance to speak up. This not only makes our learning more productive, it also trains us to be more confident.

During your non-obligatory 1-hour Diagnostic Consultation session, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of your child's current strengths and areas for improvement based on her latest school assessment paper.

You will ascertain her current starting point in relation to the demands of the English syllabus and the marking rubrics. 

In addition, you and your child can expect to receive the following:

1. For Situational WritingA step-by-step technique that your child can use to generate specific, relevant and creative ideas used to capture the marker's attention when attempting Situational Writing questions.

2. For Composition2 crucial actionable steps that your child can immediately apply after the session to start seeing a vast improvement in her English grade the next time she attempts Composition questions.

3. For Comprehension: A simple but highly-effective 3-step reading system that your child can apply immediately to improve understanding when reading, and answer Comprehension questions correctly.

… and many more useful strategies and tips to help your child improve her English.

Alvin James Ting

"EduEdge was definitely instrumental in helping me clinch my distinction. I often submitted additional essays, and they were never rejected. EduEdge even encouraged me to persevere in my efforts to score a distinction, even though this translated into additional work for them."

Chin Hou Ren

"By learning the tips and tricks which EduEdge imparted, I was able to complete the exam in a breeze with time to spare and double-check my work. Without Mr Cheng's words of affirmation and encouragement, I do not believe it would have been possible for me to achieve the result I got."

Nicole Tan

"I find the lessons at EduEdge are very well-planned. I thought the only way to improve is just to read more and widen my vocabulary but that's not the case. There are structures and methods."

Amanda Leo

"I find the lessons at EduEdge very enriching as the tutors apply an extremely unique way of teaching English in a structured, systematic and scientific way. "

Our Diagnostic Consultation sessions provide so much value to help students vastly improve in their English Language subject that many parents agree the asking price of $158 is well worth it.

But because I know you are a concerned parent who really wants the best for your child, I have this one-time deal for you!

You will receive this Diagnostic Consultation for your child absolutely free if you fulfill 2 conditions.
1. You understand that English is an important subject.

2. You are looking for English tuition support for your child.

If you are wondering if our programme and method are suitable for your child, the best and only way to find out is through the Diagnostic Consult Assessment (DCA) session with our Language Specialists.

What’s more, this session is SPONSORED, which means you do not have to spend a single cent to finally understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will also learn more about our unique method of studying English using Formulas and how we are different from the other centres / tutors out there.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to engage our professional services or not, it is entirely up to you. Fair?

However, if you cannot be 100% committed to attending your DCA session, please do not reserve the slot as you will be depriving another family of the slot.

The fact that you are still reading this page means that you are a serious parent who is committed to helping your child improve their English grades!

You are a highly informed and supportive parent who wants the best for your child.

But at the end of the day, if you choose to procrastinate another day and think “later” or a “better” centre might pop up, you will never take action.

Your child’s problems for English will not go away on its own.

All you need to do now is to click on the orange button below to reserve your Diagnostic Consultation session with me or any of our English Language Specialists.

Remember, reserve your appointment early and bring her test paper along to receive the Diagnostic Consultation for your child at no costs! 

The last I checked, we haven't got many appointments sessions left!
That means you should really hurry to reserve your appointment!

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Here are what some parents have to say about us.

Mr The

Inez's father

"Inez was particularly weak in answering comprehension questions. With EduEdge's 'Formula-Style' of teaching, it helped her a lot in this area. <After our consultation and EduEdge's help>, Inez's English result came as a surprise to me."


Christel's mom

"I was impressed when Christel was doing the assessment and Mr Cheng could actually pin-point the areas she could improve on. I thought this style (of learning English) is very systematic."

Mr Siow, Ex-MOE HOD

Rachel's grandfather

"The staff and principal at EduEdge are very dedicated and hardworking teachers and I can see the pupils they taught over the year have performed very well."

Mrs Oh

Angela's mom

"The teachers at EduEdge spent extra time talking to Angela, encouraging her in her work. Learning from the right tuition centre is very important."

You have already done so much for your child, right from the first day she was introduced to the alphabet.

All it takes for you is just to reserve your Diagnostic Consultation session using the Online Form. Or should you prefer to speak to one of our English Language Specialists to further address your concerns regarding your child's English performance, SMS / WhatsApp / Call 9797 6581

This will ensure that your child will not only be ready for the most important subject for her PSLE, she will securely build her foundation to seamlessly adapt to secondary school English as well!

I leave you with this quote.

I’ll see you during our consultation.

Ms Rowena May-Yue
Top English & Literature Strategist

Co-Founder & Master Tutor of EduEdge Learning Hub (specialising in English & GP)

Double-Degree in Education from the University of Liverpool, UK and the National Institute of Education, Singapore

Year-on-Year promotion for three consecutive years by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

Consistently higher-than-National-Average Distinction rates for her graduating classes in her school-teaching career

More than 15 years teaching experience (since 2006), educating over 1500+ local and international students till date

About EduEdge Learning Hub

EduEdge is Singapore's First and Only English Language Specialist with the "Formula-Style" method to help students learn English in a Step-By-Step and Systematic way, just like Math and Science.

With more than 30 years combined teaching experience from both our Founders, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng and Ms Rowena May-Yue, your child is in good hands and supported by quality learning materials and unique teaching methods.

English is finally a subject that is learnable, understandable and doable for your child! 

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