Many Students Struggle With A-Level GP... But What If We Told You That We’ve Found An Easier & More Effective Way To Help Students Achieve Their A’s for GP?

Here's a personal letter from Former MOE Subject Head Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng To All JC / IP Students & Concerned Parents

Dear Parents

I'm Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Founder and Principal of EduEdge Learning Hub.

Before founding EduEdge, I was appointed as the Head of Department (English) and charted the curriculum innovation efforts for the MOE school I was with.

Because of my language expertise and immense knowledge in curriculum innovation, I was able to understand the intricacies of making learning English & General Paper (GP) more engaging and effective for students. 

This is how we’ve developed our unique “Formula-Style” teaching method which has helped many students, who were previously struggling with GP, quickly achieve their desired GP grades with renewed confidence in the subject.

To date, more than 2,000 students have benefitted from this unique method and transformed their grades from C / D / E to Bs & As. 

Because this unique teaching method of using formulas has been exceptionally successful in helping students improve, we’ve been featured on various media such as:

Singapore Motherhood, The Asian Parent, The New Age Parent, our national papers (Straits Times) and national radio (93.8 Live).

Many JC Students Struggle With General Paper… Here’s Why:

1) An Ever-Increasing & Demanding Workload

The push for A-Level starts right from the very first day in Junior College (JC).

This is because students are put through a rigorous (read: punishing) curriculum where the difficulty level is raised exponentially. 

Adding on to their woes is the fact that students have very little time to prepare themselves for their A-Level national exams - only 2 short years as compared to the previous 6 years (Primary) and 4 years (Secondary)!

It’s no wonder many students feel that JC is one of the most stressful periods of their lives.

What’s worse is that many students often make the terrible mistake of prioritising their H2 subjects over their H1 until it’s too late ...

That’s when many students start to panic when they realise how much they don’t know and that time is no longer on their side.

You are wiser than these students. 

Do not commit the same mistake as them by overlooking your H1 GP.

2) General Paper and English Are Totally Different Games

Even though both GP and English require an understanding of how language works, that’s where their similarity ends.

They are two distinctively different subjects.

Many students mistakenly think that just because they have scored well for English at O-Levels, that is a guaranteed ticket to their Bs and As for GP at A-Levels. 

Even for students who have a strong command of the English Language, it's simply not enough to ace their GP exams.

They’ve underestimated GP.

As a subject, GP is a lot more demanding and complex than O-Level English.

There is the Content component which many students erroneously thought they could just memorise their way to better grades.

On top of that, students need to acquire and develop critical GP skills such as: 

  • Clarity & Congruence of thought
  • Logical Reasoning & Argumentation
  • Organisation Structures

So you see if you would like to achieve better GP grades, the first thing you need to do is to respect GP and understand the rules to game the subject.

3) Think You Don’t Need GP For University Admission? 
Think Again

While GP is a H1 subject, it is still a compulsory subject that is used in the computation of students’ University Admission Score (UAS).

Without a good GP grade, students risk their chances of getting into the university or a course of their choice.

Every Rank Point (RP) counts for University Admission where the competition is cut-throat and there are limited vacancies.

There have been many "horror stories" of students doing exceptionally well in their H2 subjects - only to be rejected from their dream course due to their poor GP grades.

Students with poor GP grades cannot apply to specialised or popular courses like Law, Medicine, Mass Communications, Marketing or Business as they require at least a B or better grade.

In such instances, they either have to settle with an alternative course they dislike or retake their GP as a Private Candidate, which delays their entry to the university.

As you would agree, both outcomes are not ideal.

Here Are The Common Issues That Students Face For GP

How many of these challenges have you encountered too?

☹️ Content Overload

Students are constantly swarmed with thick stacks of notes and bulletins provided by their school to “help” them. In most instances, students end up memorising these content blindly without actually knowing how to apply them during exams.

☹️ No Idea How To Study For GP

Due to the extensive scope of GP, many students are confused and totally lost as to where to start and how to study the subject.

☹️ No Proper Techniques & Strategies

Many students have reported that GP lessons in school are largely just more lectures or tutorial discussions focusing on content. Very little time is spent on teaching the skills, strategies and structures needed to effectively tackle the paper components so many students are left on their own to figure things out.

☹️ Poor Feedback Loop

Students rarely receive personalised, detailed feedback for their essays - most of the time, they just receive a few ticks and scribbles on their paper. 

Without feedback, students are left to their own devices to find out which areas they need to improve in. This adds on to the stress and confusion.

☹️ Poor Time Management

Running out of time during the GP exams is a very common issue amongst students. This is due to the lack of know-how and not being
equipped with the proper answer techniques and strategies as highlighted above. 

Precious marks are lost and costly mistakes are committed simply because students rush through
the exams or did not complete their Paper 1 essay or Paper 2 AQ.


So you can see, excelling in GP isn't just about having more content.

This is because content is only useful when you are taught how to apply them.

That’s why it’s more important for you to be equipped with the right techniques so that
you know how to tackle the various GP exam components effectively.

Scoring well in GP is easy when you have the right Success Formula:


It’s a pity that most students do not know these techniques…

But it’s not their fault because most schools do not teach these things.

You can start achieving better GP grades for yourself when you have the right techniques to study and master the subject!

Here's How We've Made JC GP Easy For Our Students

If you're currently working hard to improve but you're still not seeing any results yet - here's how our programme can help you:

☺️ Unique Formula-Style Method

The SECRET why so many students have improved on our programme is because they’ve learnt and applied a unique method to studying GP.

Known as the “Formula-Style” method, this method helps students answer the Paper 1 Essay or Paper 2 Comprehension, Summary or Application Question (AQ) in a step-by-step and structured approach.

Many students who’ve been on our programme were surprised that GP can be approached systematically just like Math and Science! 

They have never come across anything like this because these techniques were not taught in school or anywhere else.

When you are on our programme, you will learn the SECRET too and personally witness for yourself how easy it is to apply our Formulas and Techniques to transform your own GP grades!

☺️ Precise & Personalised Feedback

No two students are alike and as such their learning needs for GP differ as well.

At EduEdge, we give you customised one-on-one feedback on all the work you submit and recommend concrete actionable steps so you know how to improve.

You’ll know exactly which areas you need to work on and how to boost your grades.

Think of it as having your very own game plan or roadmap which outlines the shortest and fastest way to reach your GP GOAL successfully.

☺️ Plug and Play Bite-Sized Content

We understand that being a JC student is never easy. Keeping up with your busy schedule is already a huge challenge.

That’s why the last thing you will need for GP is to be given more thick stacks of content notes to memorise.

It’s never about how much content you know. It’s all about how you use these content effectively.

That’s why when you are on our programme, we will provide you with the right content in just the right doses.

Our students absolutely love our GP Content Live Binder which provides a summary of all the most important must-know examples and case studies which can be applied to any GP topic.

The best part is these contents are presented visually in bite-sized format and in the form of infographics, making them easier to understand and remember with less effort.

You will even learn the important implications of each critical piece of information or evidence so you know exactly how to use it and where to use it in your arguments to wow your Cambridge Markers!

That's Not All! You Will Also Receive:

✔️ EduEdge Model Essays

Access our Secret Library of model essays for GP topics of different themes which are commonly tested at the A-Level national exams.

These essays are written from a student’s (NOT teacher’s standpoint).

What this means is that they are written in the style as how a student who wants to score ‘A’ for GP would write them - so you can quickly model and learn their structures and techniques to apply to your very own essays for fast improvements!

The best part is all these structures and techniques have been carefully developed by EduEdge over the past 6 years, and they have been proven to work for thousands of students.

You will learn them all when you are on our programme.

✔️ EduEdge’s E-Learning Portal
        [Exclusive to EE students only]

Anytime Anywhere Any Device

Unlike other e-learning portals, the EduEdge e-learning portal provides a treasure trove of learning resources which are specially designed to speed up your learning.

Once you are in, you will have unlimited reviews of the weekly lessons which are recorded. Just playback the recorded lesson and skip / fast forward to rewatch the most important sections for revision.

On top of the weekly lessons, you will also receive additional E-Revision lessons recorded by the EduEdge GP Specialists to help you further solidify your understanding of the techniques you’ve learnt. 

Think of these additional support as bite-sized, quick revision resources covering the most important EduEdge strategies and techniques that you must know for the various Paper 1 and Paper 2 GP Exam components.

... so that you feel confident during the exams and achieve your BEST GP grade ever!

P.S. If you are wondering if our programme is suitable for you, the best and only way to find out is to schedule a Diagnostic Consult Assessment with our GP Specialists.

Poor GP grades will drastically reduce students’ chances for university admission and the range of courses available to them. Why risk it?

The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to master the content, thinking processes and techniques to score well for GP.

You’re just a click away from a fully sponsored Diagnostic Consult Assessment with our GP Specialists to receive the help you need.